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Making the transition from discovering your dreams, to living them every day, can be an overwhelming process. Let us help you pave your path to the life you imagine. From our Visualization tools, to mindfully crafted action plans, we will help you define the steps it takes. Connecting you to the resources you need to nourish your talents and gifts. Helping you achieve your goals, while tracking your progress along the way..

Center FeaturesWe give you the tools to achieve your goals

  • Dreamboards

    Goals are often not met because we loose sight of what we want to gain. The Center Studios brings your goal to life with interactive dream boards that keep your dream life design at your fingertips. Helping you reach your goal by making sure you never loose sight of it.

    Action Plans

    In the process of reaching our goals, we tend to fall off track because we don’t know how to connect where we are, to where we want to be. The Center Studios breaks down your dreams into a step by step action plan, with customized reminders, that give you an overall strategy to reach your goals.

    Progress Tracking

    We keep track of your accomplishments by displaying your progress towards your action items, in a sleek dashboard customized to you. When you complete a goal on your action plan, the center will celebrate with you.

  • Timeline

    The Center Studios documents every moment along your journey to reaching your goals. By keeping track of your milestones as you reach them, and displaying them on your timeline. You will see an overall picture of the life of your dream, from start to finish.


    Your Dashboard will chart your progress and showcase the action plans you have completed by rewarding you points along the way

    Social Center

    Share and celebrate your accomplishments, and the accomplishments of your friends. Work together to achieve your goals through our innovative social media platform. This gives you a positive way to stay accountable to your action plan.

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    Todd Jensen

    Chief Of Operations

    Here At the Center studios our purpose and dream is your success. We dedicate our operations to your journey.

    Team Member

    Whitney Jensen


    Passion is the rhythm of life. We Are committed to helping you create your passion and live your dreams. Together we imagine the possibilities, create our dreams, and inspire the world.

    Team Member

    Sawyer Bateman

    Front End Engineer

    I have a passion for bringing ideas that will change the world, to the web. I am very excited to bring that to you with the Center Studios!